First Journal Post in my Journal’s New Home

A New Home

Yes, so I’ve finally switched from LiveJournal, which served it’s purpose, but it’s time to move on. And, so I did months of research, interviewed 100s of bloggers, read analysts estimates and measured quarterly acceleration of each online property, and made my decision. Okay, not really. I called John Lilly and he recommended WordPress, especially since this is more about writing to me than really about an active community or anything else.

I’m going to try and write every day in 2010, because I think there’s nothing more cathartic for the soul and few things I enjoy more than getting to write. I’m sure some content won’t be publicly appropriate so if I don’t post on a particular day, just assume that I’m dealing with some serious neurosis and don’t feel comfortable “sharing”.


Because of my training goals in 2010 (more on this later on this year), many days may be training focused.   Today, I had my first day of practice with T3, a triathlon training program in Austin.  Though, for practice, I watched 15 other people swim for an hour and never got in the pool, thanks to Cedar Fever over the weekend making me susceptible to a cold.  It’s going to be an interesting challenge balancing pushing myself as hard as possible while avoiding illness, thanks to a suppressed immune system.  But, I had the chance to talk to Maurice (T3 founder/coach) about the program and learned a lot.

I returned home to do a core workout and then played around with the Trigger Point massage stuff before heading to the Y for a run on the treadmill.

Run: 1 hour, 6.2 miles (slow pace, slight sharp pain in my left calf muscle)
Core: 1 hour
Stretch: 15 minutes

Possibly the biggest event of the day was that I registered for the Lonestar half-iron (70.3) in Galveston.  I’ve never done one before, so it’s yet another “never done that” to be accomplished in 2010.

New Wheels

I’m very excited about my new bike – not because it’s faster than the Kuota K-factor that I ride, but because it’s much, much slower and much, much less valuable.  I bought a Globe Vienna (a Specialized sub-brand) because it was inexpensive, would get me to work on Wednesdays (I’ll be working out of the Chris Taylor super-cool office space just West of downtown), and will handle my panniers (so I can now ride to the grocery store and carry my shopping back on my bike).  So now I have no excuse not to ride everywhere possible and avoid using my loyal but aging 2001 Nissan Pathfinder.

Kuota K-factor - The Tri Bike I already have

Globe Vienna - the New Bike

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