Spin class on your own wheels


Today was a flurry of “getting stuff done”, including a great lunch with Nathan Little of SchoolAdmin, getting my state inspection updated (a month late, per tradition), and my semi-annual skin cancer screening>  This was with a new dermatologist, since my attractive dermatologist moved out of Austin, and I managed to find one with expertise around skin cancer (big concern for immune suppressed folk like myself) and triathlons (she’s done a half-iron).

The never ending shopping list continues to build.  This week I realized I should get a pull-buoy of my own (thing that keeps your legs afloat to swim with arms only) and look into a better bike light for night riding.  Delivered this week were the new bike, swim parka, swim paddles, and kick-board.  Woo hoo.


Today I rode to the T3 training center in the South Lamar area of Austin, and tried out my first T3 spin class.  I started doing spin 1 year ago at the YMCA on Saturday mornings during Cedar Fever season in Austin, and found that I actually liked it.  I tend to be a “grinder” (low cadence, high gear) cyclist, and so spinning was good cardio and forced me to develop more quick-twitch muscle and smooth out my stroke.  But today I went to the T3 training center near South Lamar, where you bring your own bike, and ride on a trainer. To be clear for those of you unfamiliar with the term trainer, I was not riding on top of an instructor or coach, but a device that clamps on to your back tire, lifts it off the ground, and then you ride with resistance it places on your back tire.  Again, “riding on a trainer” is NOT “riding on another dude.”  Regardless, I own a trainer (device not dude) and have used it, but have never used one for a spin class.  My legs definitely got a workout, though the cardio pain was not there as much as other spin classes I’ve done.

The coolest part of the class was the fan.  Instead of having a handful of small or large fans scattered around the room, they have one ridiculous ceiling fan that looks as if a helicopter with a 30 foot blade is upside down about eight feet over your head.   It’s the most intimidating fan I have ever seen, and for the first five minutes that I rode, I was trying to pull back the four weeks of structural engineering class I attended before I dropped the course, just to make sure that this thing wasn’t going to detach and mince the entire class.  As a bonus, it does keep the room cool.

This thing is 30 feet in diameter...

1.8 hours biking (1:10 class, 40 mins trip biking to class).  Miles covered: 7.4 round trip to the training center, 0 miles in the training center (but lots of time…)

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