Someone else’s shoes

Weekend with Pat

This weekend I spent most of Sunday with Pat, my first cousin once removed.  We’re still trying to figure out who removed him.  Regardless, Pat served two tours in Iraq and is now stationed in Japan.  He’s lived a life I can barely imagine – and he says he thanks God every day that other people don’t have to see what he’s seen.  Pat is not someone to posture or hold back what he’s thinking, which always makes for an entertaining time.  He happened to be stationed in San Antonio for the week, so I had a chance to take him to lunch, run some errands with him, walk around downtown San Antonio, and then catch the Spurs beating the Nets (win-win for me, Spurs won but Brook Lopez had 26 points and a double-double).  For Lisa it was her first NBA game.


I failed to journal from Thursday on – mostly core workouts, a spin class on Saturday morning.  All in all my first week was light – around 10 hours of total training, but a good start.  I’m hoping to build to 15 to 20 this week, while increasing the amount I am running and swimming primarily.  Temperatures are in the high 20s in the morning in Austin, so outdoor training is still risky given my immune system.  But I am excited about getting back in the pool.

Training Today

My first swim of 2010!  Despite not having been in the pool for almost six months, I knocked out 2800 yards today, with short drills using paddles & the pullbuoys, as well as some kicking.  It felt great to not be drowning.  But I have a lot of work to do to get faster and stronger – the point of the swim for me is not to go fast, but to not be tired as I get on the bike.  Then at home, an hour of core, which felt a lot harder than when I had done it without a swim workout before it…

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