Born to Run

This post has nothing to do with me, because I was not born to run.

I just finished:

Even someone who hates running might dust off their shoes (or bare feet)

This was a holiday gift from Lisa, and I had a hard time falling asleep at night because I wanted to get to the next chapter and find out what happened.  I’m a sucker for athletic character studies, and here you get to quickly peek at a handful of the worlds best ultra-marathon runners.  Add  to that, a lost “tribe” of people who seem to only run and get wasted, and out of this lifestyle comes absolutely crushing distance running.  Then, sprinkle in a cast of weirdos who don’t fit into society because of their running obsessions.  Underneath the whole thing, a couple of theories on human pre-history, how running is the key to how we ended up being the winner in the game of evolution over the stronger neanderthals, and how runnings shoes don’t help any of us.

If you’re a runner, read it.  I guarantee you’ll run a little harder (or maybe slower but much longer) you’re next time out.  And maybe you’ll bring back an antelope.

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