First Outdoor Run

Wired lunch

Today, when eating at Nueva Leon, there was a wire in my enchiladas.  I don’t like eating wire.  The staff handled it with a mixture of courtesy and terror, and for me it was an out of body experience where I think people kept expecting me to react, but I really wasn’t reacting.  Next time I order enchiladas there, I will make sure and ask for them “sin alambre.”

More interesting was the conversation over lunch about the purpose of a non-profit board.  A public corporate board serves the investors and protects shareholders according to business legend.  For a non-profit, what then? Protect the mission of the organization?  Provide oversight for the organization to assure success of the core mission? Assure financial support for the board?  It’s interesting that the same reasons I dislike boards of directors in corporations (everyone pretends they are on the same team when really being out for their own interest, and rarely helping the core company mission) are what make non-profit boards challenging.  Everyone wants the organization to succeed, but what is the definition of success?  It strikes me that shared vision among a non-profit board is more important than a corporate board.  In the corporate boards I’ve been a part of, the mission of the CEO seems to be to deliver the company cow across the finish line before the combined board of investor jackals devour it.  But maybe I’m a bit jaded.


First outdoor run, 6.4 miles around town lake in about an hour.  Felt great.  Not blazing speed, and I know I had at least a couple more miles in the tank.   And, the cedar pollen didn’t seem to crush me.  So far, so good.

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