Daybreakers, Hoops, End of Week 2

I’ve done a horrible job with my “write every day” pledge.  Lots of minutia to keep up on.  But none of it all that important.


Brilliant visuals, great concept, great plot.  Bad script, bad execution, and only 90 minutes.  Don’t go see it unless you are trying to get your teenage daughter off the vampire kick.

Stanford Hoops

They are keeping the small candle of hope aflame, even though we’re 2-3.  Upside, I did discover there are 4 sports bars downtown (Champions did not have the game – they don’t get the Fox Sports package, which is ridiculous.  We went to Daddy’s, the former BW3s.  Apparently there is also “Bikinis” next door, and one other new sports bar on 6th street near mugging central by I-35.   These are all walkable from my place so that’s good to know.

Training Journal

Week 2 ended up with a lower hours total than I had hoped (8.50) but all of it was in the running, cycling, and swimming.  I got in two swim workouts and two runs over 6 miles each, which was good.   This next week I will try and do both core workouts, the swim/bike/run workouts and if the pollen count drops, get  a couple of long workouts (run/ride)  in on the weekend.   On February 2nd I officially join T3 which should help with the discipline.

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