Fino & crampinos

Lunch at Fino

Always tasty.  I’m a big fan of Fino.

Training Journal

I went to my first early morning spin class and hammered out an hour of cycling – Scott (the guy who teaches the weekend spin class at the Y) wasn’t there, and so a sub led us through a workout which didn’t match the music.  The sprints weren’t timed with the chorus, we were climbing on fast songs and sprinting through slow songs.  Shocking to see how much the music really mattered to just enjoying the workout.  In the afternoon, 3600 yards in the pool, punctuated by a huge hamstring cramp.  I know I need to get stronger in the pool overall, but my kicking muscles really need some work.  I’m excited that I finished the workout again today, and I am once again pretty tired in the evening.   Tomorrow I work a full day, so I need to do core in the early morning, and then run on the treadmill at night (speed work).  I’ve never done speed work anywhere, much less a treadmill, so we’ll see how it goes.

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