There is no ‘i’ in ‘team’ but there is one in ‘chafing’

Officially a member of T3

My membership started on Monday but since Monday’s are my day off for workouts, yesterday (Tuesday) was my first workout.  I attended a packed spin class at the T3 center “PTC” and the workout was great.  I rode my bike there and back which mostly burned a few extra calories but not much else.  The workout itself was definitely challenging – I am not used to climbing (riding out of the saddle) on my Kuota when clamped into a trainer.  Felt like the whole contraption was going to collapse at any moment.  I also need to get to PTC earlier to set up and warm up.

Preventing chafing

The Office had an episode where Andy obsessed about nipple chafing during a 5K run.  For anything above a 10K for me, it’s a serious concern, including the whole bleeding thing.  This year I decided to try all three basic approaches:

  1. Develop callouses, i.e. let your body toughen up in response.  This failed miserably, and just led to an extremely painful first two weeks of January.
  2. Large amounts of Vaseline.  It seemed like I used half the frigging tub and I’d still be wincing as I pulled on a cotton t-shirt
  3. Band-aids.  The old reliable came through again.

I’m not sure why I needed to experiment to prove what I already knew.


Last week felt like an easy week and it was still 12 hours of training.  I don’t think I am pushing myself aerobically, but I am building muscle strength and getting a fitness base.  This month will be about building, because the Lonestar Half-Ironman is April 25th, and I really need to get into cycling / running shape.  I feel pretty good about my swim shape given the pool workouts I’ve been doing, and T3 will only improve that.

My swim workouts are around 4000 yards unless I cramp up (which is happening after about 3500 yards).  I’m running at least 6 miles every time I run, which is a solid base, but I need my long runs to start moving from 10 miles to 13 miles and beyond pretty quickly.   And my rides need to move from indoors to outdoors and get some long, sustained rides under my belt.  If the weather cooperates I’ll be out there with T3 on the weekends so that should help a ton.

I finished an ‘IronFit’ book this week, and it opened my eyes to several items:

  • setting explicit goals:  not a shock, but once I did it for all three races this year, it opened my eyes to what times I should be shooting for
  • swim drills: reminded me of some good ones
  • explained heart rate zones: what for me is aerobic vs anaerobic.
  • gave me a baseline model for race nutrition (i will probably need more calories given my metabolism)

I’m learning a lot every week.  And surprisingly I’m enjoying learning everything so far – I had thought that the details behind higher performance training would bore me, but so far it’s holding my attention and I’m excited that a different approach could yield better results.

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