Swimmin’ in the hail

On Friday, I did something I’ve never done before.  I swam in hail.

Before you get the wrong picture, I was swimming in an outdoor pool for T3 practice.   As the temps dropped, we were about 2/3rds through the workout when I began to feel tiny little things bounce off of my arms and shoulders.   Hail.

You have to clear the pool with thunder or lightening.  But the swimming does not stop when it’s only hailing.

Overall, swim practice is going well.  Right now, I am SLOW.  Amazing that a simple 100 yards with 30 seconds rest is tough to repeat 10 times on 1:50.   And right now I am living in “Open Turn Hell”.  I’m still having sinus problems so I am mixing it up, about 30% flip turns and 70% open turns.  I hope to be closer to 100% by the end of March, and get back down closer to some of my high school times.   And, since having intralase (lasik), it is so amazing to see the wall before you hit it (in high school, let’s just say I had some run-ins with the wall, and some times when I missed it completely).  Thank goodness freestyle means “any way you want to swim.”

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