I need to catch up on the last week, so here’s a short post on my “teammates” from last week.

First, at swim practice I have a former Olympian in the pool who was in Beijing and a part of the US Swim Team.  Pretty amazing that he’s on the team that I joined.  I don’t think I’ve ever been swimming in the same pool as someone who moves that quickly through the water.   He’s also down to earth and a very easy going guy.

Second, on the Saturday bike ride, across Bee Caves Road between 360 and 71, rode none other than Lance, on a new red and white (Trek, I assume) road bike, with a white car (Passat?) right next to him, carrying an identical bike on the roof rack.   He was heading West while I was heading East, so I told my wife I had “passed” Lance.  Okay, I might have used the word “dropped.”

I think Austin is a great place to be a star athlete, if you’re not into having hordes of people follow you.    In Austin, we’re not into Kobe or Lebron.   We’re not into being starstruck.  A recent export from UT, Kevin Durant, is not flashy and yet putting up MVP numbers.   Apparently when he recently visited Austin, he stayed on the floor of a current UT basketball player.

That’s why a superstar like myself feels so comfortable here.  I can walk around downtown, and people pretend that they don’t recognize me, and treat me like I’m just another resident.

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