I’m not sure how you’re not in pain

Super Freak

Thursday, in a mad dash to get 100 things done before heading to Houston for the nuptials of my sister-in-law on Saturday, I had some x-rays done, because Chris at Performance Wellness had said “something’s a little unusual about your spine.”  As far back as late high school, I had known that my spine was a little unusual – that L5 or something in that area was malformed, and instead of having a nice flat platform for the next vertebrae, the top of the vertebrae sloped to one side, creating a small “S” curve, that then corrects itself later on in my spine.  I’d probably be 6’2″ if it weren’t for that curve and other lower spine contraction.

The X-ray tech took one look at the slides and said “You’re not in pain?  I’m not sure how you’re not in pain.”

Today I met Chris and he explained.   My L4 is not on top of my L5.  L5 is off and to the side, and appears not to provide any real support or load for L4.  It’s like L5 is just hanging out on the side for show, some sort of spinal appendix where no one can divine the purpose.  He said almost the exact same thing the X-ray tech said, but with one hypothesis, that somehow since birth, I’ve been dealing with this and my system has figured out how to support itself with an incredibly abnormal spinal column.

The IT Band plays on

I’m starting week #2 of no running, and only 30 minutes of cycling each day.  This means riding every day, and swimming as much as possible, to get the hours in I need for training.   Galveston (first half-iron) is next month…   But, I am learning a ton of stretches, and I think I see the results of rolling my IT bands out twice a day.  I also have gone back to my own set of pre-workout light stretches, because I do think I need them, contrary to the current fashion of “warm ups” but not stretching with athletes.


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