Random Musings

Knee Troubles Continue

The Lonestar 70.3 (half-ironman) in Galveston is less than 6 weeks away, and I still can’t run more than 2 miles without pain.  Yesterday was my first test of the knee after a full week of rest and therapy, and after 1 mile, I began to feel the irritation in the meniscus area of my knee that in the previous weeks had grown into sharp pain.   Today, the doc noticed that my meniscus was not moving when I flexed my knee, which could easily be the cause of the pain.  I’m still working on IT band flexibility and hip flexibility, but waiting until Monday when I see a orthopedic surgeon about my spine (the one that freaked out the X-ray tech, and the one that the therapist won’t adjust until he gets a green light from a specialist).  I’m assuming the surgeon will recommend some kind of surgery (surprise!), but I don’t plan on accepting any proposal given that I have no back pain, and haven’t had any.

Feeling like a swimmer again

Friday morning I hit the first 5:45 AM workout since joining T3, and I really enjoyed it.  The water is amazingly clear without sunlight, and the Circle C water was somewhat cooler than the noon Lost Creek pool swims.   I think my 100 times have dropped 10 seconds (from 1:35 to 1:25), though I couldn’t hold the second set of 4 at 1:25 (and just for the record, I had 20 seconds rest between each 100.  But no flips turns either!)  Despite the fact that no amount of exercise makes me look any different than I usually do, I can tell the difference in my arms and legs from the training.

This weekend is the T3 “PracticeMan”, where I’ll get to practice my transitions, especially the transition out of the wetsuit and on to the bike…

Pakistan’s President is now a registered organ donor

I subscribe to Google Alerts dealing with kidney transplants, and this one caught my eye the other day:

President pledges to donate his organs after death

Wii Mario Brothers

Wow, I am horrible at this game.


  • Book: Daemon by Daniel Suarez – Great cyber-thriller pulp read.
  • Rentals: Couples Retreat (B+), Forgetting Sarah Marshall (A)
  • Book: Dreaming in Code – I was incredibly excited about reading this book because it starts out taking place in the office space of my old company, Reactivity.  However, I am half way through and considering stopping, which never happens when I read a book – I fight through just about anything I read, to prove how tough I am and that I can live with the consequences of bad choices.  While I’m not defending that philosophy, it makes it all the more significant that I’m not sure I can take another chapter where technology is explained in such an obtuse and uninteresting manner, and the entire effort of the people portrayed is doomed from the start.  Into the Wild and other books have done the “tell the bad ending of the story first:” well, and just from the fact that no such product exists today lets you know that their efforts were in vain.   So much more to say about the issues with this book, but I’m wasting time even talking about it.

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