A few pics from the Lonestar 70.3

Here are a few pics from the Lonestar IM 70.3 race day (thanks to Lisa for snapping lots of pics)

I’m removed all the ones that made me look really bad (like where I took a 5 minute nap between the swim and the bike).   Highlights to look for:

  1. Exiting the water – this was my first tri in a wetsuit (and Xterra Vortex 3).
  2. T3 Team – Having the team made a world of difference, made you feel part of something bigger, and the coaches were just awesome.
  3. Bryan and Lisa – An endurance event for the spectator as well, Lisa was my support team and kept me from going loco the day before the event, and kept yelling “hydrate!!!” every time I ran by her.
  4. Finish Line – I did not post the double fist pump version of this photo, because it makes me look like a tool.
  5. After the Finish – Notice the T3 temporary tattoo on my shoulder.  Now, imagine that I sunburned that entire shoulder, and that with the tattoo gone, the T3 logo sticks out in bright white in sea of burning, fiery red.  That’s what it looks like today.

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