Spring Reading Material

Liar’s Poker

Everyone else I’ve talked to loved the book, while I thought it was okay.  Maybe I’m already familiar with the i-banking legends and lifestyle, and working at Trilogy in many ways was a lot more of an insane asylum, though you didn’t make as much money.

Barbarians at the Gate

I really, really, really enjoyed this – mostly because I feel like I learned a lot.  I’ve been around a handful of LBOs from the outside (one of our major partners in a former company was a part of a massive, 10+ billion LBO) but have never really understood the genesis and mechanics of how it all worked, and during the LBO boom when KKR was making a name for themselves, I was occupied with other pursuits.   It’s a 500+ page read, but it feels more real and less embellished, along the lines of The Sellout, and so I kept turning page after page and enjoyed every one.

Out Stealing Horses

This is a quick read, and in my humble opinion, not a very compelling one.  The author is talented but I never identified with the protagonist, and never really felt like the story went anywhere or gave me any new insights into life or the lives of the characters that made me stop and think.   Then again, my opinion may have been biased because a couple people within a five minute period of time interrupted my reading to tell me how good the book was.   Lisa said she was sure I wouldn’t like it after strangers told me I would.

The Eiger Sanction

Apologies to whomever recommended this movie to me, but I can’t remember who recommended it.   Clint Eastwood, in a movie that captures the mid-70s in a shabby spy thriller, combining every racial and cultural stereotype imaginable, along with a script that makes you laugh every five minutes due to the campy melodrama.   Eastwood’s character is part James Bond, part Dolomite, and part Dirty Harry.  While it kept me amused en route to our vacation, I have a hard time recommending it, unless you’re channel surfing and cable is showing it because they’ve run out of content.  Then it’s worth 15 minutes just to reminisce about life before political correctness.

2 thoughts on “Spring Reading Material

  1. Hah! love your reading material. I read 2 of the 3 (liar’s poker and BATG) this past month. I also dove into moneyball. I Am working through 13 bankers right now :-).

    Totally dug reading Liar’s Poker after reading BATG. 🙂

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