Phase Two: 30 weeks of training

Phase Two

The second phase of my training in 2010 has begun.  After a great hour with Maurice to talk about what’s next, which helped me make the following modifications to my training plan:

1. Start with the chart.  Use the “periodization chart” that the coaches have created.  Basically a chart telling you how many hours of swimming, biking, and running, and core sessions a week, along with the specific distances of the long bike and long runs on the weekends.  Peaks at about 20 hours of training a week.   There are three different columns, with C being the basic column, with B and A being ways to step up the intensity of the training.

2. “Your ass belongs to the core.” It’s a line stolen from Full Metal Jacket, this is the area I need the most work on, which is basic joint and muscle strength.  Not too much of a surprise given this is the area I enjoy the least and have neglected for 39 years.   Any extra workout time I have here should be focused in this area.

3. Use the 2 week micro-cycles to vary schedule. Don’t have the same schedule two weeks in a row.  Have pairs of weeks, with different schedules (i.e. swim in the morning one week, in the afternoon another, etc).

4. Vary the intensity through the macro cycle. Since the periodization chart provides the training schedule and the taper schedule, you can vary the intensity within a macro cycle simply by making some workouts more intense – i.e. pick workouts on the schedule and mark them ahead of time as intense workouts, where you leave everything in the workout, where you push yourself from the moment go.  In the six week macro cycle, have 1 intense workout, then 2, then 3, then 4, then 2, then 1.

5. My 70.3 weight loss of 4 pounds in a day is normal.  Just from fluids alone this isn’t unusual, no matter how hard you try to re-hydrate.

6. Specific training sessions. Wait a month before scheduling a CompuTrainer session.  Won’t be that worth it now.

7.  Keep walking downhill. Even though I’m not having pain in my knee, no reason to blow it out.

8. No need to change nutritional plan based on 703. No need to add salt tablets, termolytes, etc.   I am going to schedule a session with a nutritionist.

9. Heart rate targets. My heart rate target for the 70.3 was about right.   80% for the bike, 85% for the run, and 90% for the swim.

10. Improve Cadence Gradually. I’m a grinder (low cadence) with 70 rpm feeling the most comfortable.   Improve it slowly, target +3 cadence the next time, and slowly increase it.  Don’t try and jump to 90 overnight.

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