This runner went to 11

Unfortunately that “11” was not above 10 in terms of speed, but in terms of minutes per mile.

Aside from finishing all 11 miles, this morning’s training run was a complete failure.   Granted, the humidity was incredibly high, and it was already warm at 8 AM, but across the board the run was a failure:

  • Nutrition: I didn’t eat enough yesterday, and didn’t have enough carbs throughout the day to prep me for today
  • Salt intake: My sodium intake is way too low.  I need to look into thermolytes or equivalents quickly.
  • Hydration: I bought a belt to carry a water bottle, but hated it bouncing all over the place.   So I carried the water bottle in one hand, which wasn’t too bad.   I need to get a real fuel belt that holds 4 ten ounce bottles, because this summer I won’t survive without it.
  • Pace: My goal pace was holding 9 minute miles.  That lasted 1 mile.  My pace crept up to 10 minute miles, and the rest of the time it was all over the map between 10 and 11 minute miles.   11?  I have to admit that my body was chanting “quit, quit, quit” for the last four miles, and if I hadn’t been running the opposite direction as the other T3 people out on the course, I might have stopped, but I kept telling myself that my teammates were out here running, and I wasn’t going to be the one who stopped.  But 11?  Not that 11 in and of itself is significant, but two minutes per mile slower than plan is a certified disaster.
  • Recovery: I was mentally exhausted, dehydrated, and generally in a stupor.    I held a semi-coherent conversation with a friend who was taking a break from her run (training for the SF marathon, how cool is that), but mentally I was not sharp or focused.  I did remember to stretch and roll everything out at home, but I should have eaten immediately, and not assumed the Pure Sport Recovery was enough.  I think I was so short on calories and sodium that I should have jumped into a full meal at 10:30.
  • Time:  This is the last week I’ll start my run at 8 AM.  Already too hot by then.  If I can muster the willpower for 6 AM, that’s what I’ll do.  But 7 AM is the latest I should be starting, especially as these runs start to edge towards 3 total hours.

The silver lining might be that six months ago, this could have easily happened to me and I wouldn’t have any idea why.  At least today I know the culprits; now I just need the self-discipline to plan better.  One coach has said that training is learning to still perform in the face of adversary, and I suppose I can take comfort in that.

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