Bryan’s Rules of Good Morning

This weekend’s long ride and run were a drastic, fantastic change from last weekend.

Last Weekend

Last weekend I hit the T3 team ride that circled the Kyle / Buda area for 50 miles, and then had the worst run since coming back from injury, a humid lackluster sweat-fest that left me dizzy and hating running, quite a change from my usual endorphine enema that I seem to be “infused” with at the end of each long run.

This Weekend

This weekend, due to being the most amazing husband in the world, and the threat of possible bodily harm that Lisa would have inflicted had I not driven her to her eye appointment on Saturday (she was not allowed to drive herself), I couldn’t make the team ride, so I left home at 10:30, a full 3.5 hours later than I would have wanted to start, and was on mission to make it as far North as I could and hit 60 miles on the round trip.   Without detailing every pedal stroke, here’s the basics:

  • Downtown to Shoal Creek to Steck to Jollyville to Duval to Riata to Parmer, and back.
  • The tailwind on the way out was crazy, the headwind on the way back was punishing (my splits tell the tale, near mile 30 you see 23 mph, 24 mph, 22 mph… then after mile 30 you see 13 mph, 14 mph, 14 mph….)
  • Rain! Rain! Rain!  Never have I been so happy to see rain.  Cooled me off around mile 40.
  • Overall, a great ride with only one break to get water at a convenience store.

I ate and ate and ate on Saturday, because I hadn’t eaten enough the last Saturday.  My nutrition plan called for 4500 calories.  That’s a lot.

The run Sunday couldn’t have been better.  I ran straight from home, and headed in the usual opposite (counter-clockwise) direction that T3 usually runs, so I was sure to run into some team members.  [I actually run that way to avoid a large downhill which isn’t good for my knee, but there is a side benefit of seeing teammates].  I ran the 10 mile loop to the Longhorn dam, and thought about why I say “Good Morning” to someone when I pass them on the trail (details to follow), then a 3 mile loop home.  I stayed under 10 minute miles, and my heart rate stayed below 160 most of the time.   Three key factors:

  1. Running at 6:30 AM instead of 8 AM.
  2. Half of the water goes to me, the other half gets dumped on my head to lower my core temperature
  3. Simply better nutrition the day before.

Next week, we take a fuel belt and salt tablets for a spin!  Now, onto the rules as I synthesized them:

You get a “Good Morning” or “Mornin'” from Bryan if you are:

  • Running East of Congress.   If you’re running on the West Side of Congress, there are probably too many people on the trail to say hello to anyway, but I feel a special bond with everyone once we cross over Congress and start heading East, simply because the crowds thin out, and it’s the best part of the trail.   I always wonder why the West side is more crowded, when the running conditions are worse, and I like the course of the East side, except for the 2 blocks on Riverside.  If you are trucking along between 1st Street and Lamar, sorry, no hello for you, unless you fall into one of the special categories:
    • Elderly (you don’t even need to be running.  If you’re over 70 and out, you have my respect.)
    • Overweight and running (no choice but to support people who are fighting the hardest fight)
  • You will always get a hello if I know you personally and sort of like you (and recognize you in whatever you run in)
  • You belong to T3 or I think you do (you may get a “Go T3” if I don’t know you’re name)

You do NOT get a “Good Morning” or “Mornin'” from Bryan (and you might get a sarcastic, under the breath attack) if you are:

  • Running with a cat sized dog
  • Wearing chaps
  • Walking four abreast in a crowded part of the trail.
  • Riding a mountain bike West of Congress after 8 AM on weekends.  Too crowded.  If you were a real mountain biker you’d be somewhere else.
  • Ringing the bell on your bike on Town Lake trail.   There’s a special level of hell reserved for you, Mr. Bell-Ringing-Running-Path-Cyclist.  I’m not moving just because I hear “bing” behind me.  In fact, I have this nervous tick, where my arm shoots out and I might closeline you.  Back off, Mr. Bell-Ringing-Running-Path-Cyclist.
    • Plain and simple, bikes yield to runners, runners yield to pedestrians.   Everyone try and stay right.  It’s not that hard.  Really.  It’s not that hard.

One thought on “Bryan’s Rules of Good Morning

  1. Maybe we can setup a paintball sniper post someplace to “re-train” the bell ringing cyclists out on the trail. I think that would be pretty good stress relief for me and not a bad way to start a morning.

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