Boyz Trip

Last weekend, six friends and I spent the weekend in Horseshoe Bay on Lake LBJ.  Rob came down from New York and it was fantastic to see him.  Mostly the weekend was seven guys regressing to the age of 14.  Even the planning for the trip bordered on infantile, referring to our trip as “BOYZ TRIP”, usually in a high pitched voice or all caps in email.  And we loved every second of it.

Highlights included:

  • Poker, Stratego, and a four hour game of Risk (I abstained from board games given my board game allergies)
  • “Most embarrassing pictures of each other” slide show
  • More food than seven people should be able to consume
  • Kayaking (we had a small armada of kayaks, and I took the last voyage of my 14 year old sea kayak before I pass it on to a better home)
  • Presidential Physical Fitness Challenge (though we only did the push up portion of the test).  Our goal was to attempt all five tests and try to beat the 85% mark for 14 year olds.  We managed only one test (though I guess we did give the v-sit a try).
  • Watching UT get humiliated by a team that does not pass.  “Watching” Stanford crush Arizona on game tracker since Time Warner / Roadrunner’s login to ESPN3 was completely uncooperative.
  • Fast and Furious: The Fast and The Furious 4 (we have a history with these movies and a special bond, having seen all of the series except this one during opening week).
  • Video games, frisbee, football, etc.

Since I’m two weeks out from Ironman Arizona, I went to bed earlier than everyone else, and was up early.  I kept close to my diet with the exception of two drumsticks, and despite the cold, headed out on highway 70 for a 50 mile bike ride through the hills.

The Swim

The highlight of the trip for me was a 2 mile swim, escorted by 3 kayaks, on Friday morning.  I put on my wetsuit, and swam into Lake LBJ.  Despite the fact that there were no power boats on Lake LBJ, it was great to have my friends protecting me as I swam.  The support of my friends in my Ironman training is very important to me – I guess knowing that my friends care and support what I’m doing is a big deal to me.  Many of these friends already support me financially, one has cooked meals for me, another is coming to Arizona for the race.  So with each breath, I caught a glimpse of my friends out there, watching me crank out stroke after stroke.   Now, I’m less than two weeks away from the real race, and feeling great about it.

Dan captured some great action shots of the water spray while swimming (click on the images for the detailed shots).

Swim Video

Here’s the armada of kayaks and me in my Xterra wetsuit, cruising in LBJ

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