Transplants for Children Gala and Fundraising Update

TFC Gala

Last night Lisa and I braved the evening traffic of I-35 and the horrors of dead stop traffic on 1604 to attend the Tranplants for Children Gayla’s Gala in San Antonio.

Despite our lack of “Western” attire, we didn’t stick out too much among the rhinestone studded, cowboy boot wearing (to Lisa’s credit, she does own boots and wore them), ten gallon hat crowd.  I don’t think leopard print is ever considered Western, but apparently a few people disagree.  It was fantastic to see Roddy, Staci, Bonnie, Diana, and especially Ricky: Ricky has had two heart transplants, and you couldn’t meet a happier kid.  His parents are just as fantastic, and can always be found at the TFC events.

It meant a great deal to me to watch the auction, where hunting, fishing, sports, and beach trips donated by individuals were auctioned off for top dollar, with the proceeds going to TFC. The impact those funds will have is tremendous.  The kids this will benefit will be changed forever.  And their families will be able to rest easier knowing their child has a chance.

Fundraising for TFC!

I’m happy to be adding a small amount on to those donations, as my Ironman fundraising has just crossed the $9,000 mark and is sitting at a little bit above $9300.  I think some of my friends were making sure I was really going to follow through on this crazy idea.  No backing out now.  Thanks again to everyone who has donated – I look at the list of everyone who has donated at least two to three times a week, and I think about each one of you.  But not in a creepy way, in a good way.

Once again, if you think you donated and haven’t receive a personal thank you email from me, please let me know!  Paypal seems to have screwed up the transactions a couple of times, and 1) didn’t collect the funds 2) didn’t notify anyone of the failure.  Nice work, pal.

Kyle racing in Ironman Arizona

One last transplant note: Kyle Garlett, the cancer survivor and heart transplant recipient, is going to be racing in Arizona with me!  Unbelievable.  Kyle is doing the bike segment (112 miles) in the Beach to Battleship triathlon this weekend on a relay team of heart transplant recipients called the Tin Men.  Then he’s coming out to Arizona for Ironman Arizona.  I can’t wait to meet him.

Happy Birthday Love

And, closest to my heart: Happy Birthday to the love of my life.  You mean more than the world to me.  I hope the English Muffin I made for you this morning reflects all of that.

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