Ironman Arizona 2010

“Bryan Rollins, you are an Ironman!”

This is what most people who train for an Ironman wait for, to cross the finish line and have their name called, and have their finishing time captured on camera, and then go take a picture in front of the Ironman finishers wall.

I guess I’m a tad different, as the reason behind my Ironman was very specific. I wanted to find my family and friends above all else.


I crossed the finish line, and didn’t even look at my time, which is unusual for me.  I didn’t even look at the clock until Coach Charles asked me my time, and I laughed, realizing I had no idea.  Once I looked at the clock, it read until it read 12:58, and I had crossed at least 10 minutes earlier.  I realized then I had gone under 13 hours.  But to be honest, within 4 minutes of the swim start, I really stopped caring about time and focused purely on survival.

Here are the details: (Note I put software as my profession and not animal husbandry.)

Bryan Rollins

929 39 AUSTIN TX USA Software
1:06:27 6:38:10 4:42:02 12:45:57 1002 167
TOTAL SWIM 2.4 mi. (1:06:27) 1:44/100m 396 60
BIKE SPLIT 1: 37 mi. 37 mi. (3:29:59) 16.93 mph
BIKE SPLIT 2: 74 mi. 37 mi. (5:43:51) 16.58 mph
BIKE SPLIT 3: 112 mi. 38 mi. (7:57:02) 17.12 mph
TOTAL BIKE 112 mi. (6:38:10) 16.88 mph 1154 207
RUN SPLIT 1: 3.2 mi. 3.2 mi. (8:36:10) 10:04/mile
RUN SPLIT 2: 11.9 mi. 8.7 mi. (10:04:43) 10:10/mile
RUN SPLIT 3: 20.1 mi. 8.2 mi. (11:41:17) 11:46/mile
RUN SPLIT 4: 26.1 mi. 5 mi. (12:45:57) 12:56/mile
TOTAL RUN 26.2 mi. (4:42:02) 10:45/mile 1002 167
T1: SWIM-TO-BIKE 12:25
T2: BIKE-TO-RUN 6:53

The Support Crew

Eventually I found Dan, Vic, Lisa, Uncle Cy, Diane, Mikala, and hugged each one of them.

When I hugged Diane, I lost it completely, and hugged her and would not let go.  I looked at her and said, “I couldn’t have taken a single stroke, or run a single step today, or even though about this without what you did for me.”

Thanks to everyone who watched and supported with donations to Tranplants for Children, emails, text messages, facebook posts, phone calls, gift baskets, etc.  I thought about all.

More to Come (Prepare to be bombarded)

I’ll write more in the coming week – probably one post a day with the details.  Then I promise its on with the rest of life!

Potential posts coming this week:

  1. The Swim (Horrible, Awful, Terrible)
  2. The Bike (Cactus…. Cactus… Cactus…)
  3. The Run (My first and last marathon)
  4. Overall
  5. The Mistakes (Some real doozies here)
  6. Specific Thanks

3 thoughts on “Ironman Arizona 2010

  1. Brian..I am so proud of you and if ok with you I am sending your remarkable story to all of our bank employees, over 200
    so they understand the importance of being an organ donor.
    Jennifer crossing the Ironman finish line was one of the most emotional moments of my life so I can only imagine how your family and friends must have felt.

    Best to you
    Diana Boucher, The proud mother of Jennifer Pool

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