Movin’ on Up

Well we’re movin’ on up (movin’ on up)
Still on the East Side (of Sydney)
To a livable apartment, with some pride
Oh movin on up,
Still on the East Side.
We’re finally not freezing our hi-hi-hides

Faucets don’t leak in the kitchen;
Bryan can’t burn toast on the grill.
Took a whole lotta space heaters,
Just to fight off that chill.
Now we’re up in Darlinghurst,
Livin’ next to Big Boy Thai (2)
As long as we live, in a different place than before,
We’re happier than a meat pie

(repeat opening chorus)

While watching La Boheme on Thursday night at the Sydney Opera House, as the main characters contemplated what to burn next in order to keep warm, it reminded me of what we were facing at home that night:  A cold terrace in Paddington, where houses that would be considered unlivable in Austin are standard fare here in Sydney.   We wanted the real terrace experience, we got it, and now we’re done with it.

[Side note: I wish I had never gone in the Opera House.  The outside is awesome, just amazing to walk around.  The inside is possibly the most basic theater I’ve ever been in – old movie theaters in bad neighborhoods have more charm.  The performance was also good but not great.  I saw La Boheme in San Francisco several years ago and it was simply better on almost all accounts, except possibly the stage design.]

Saturday at 7:30 AM, the removalists (yes, a rare case where the Aussie word is longer) arrived at our terrace, wearing their flourescent yellow vests.  (Blue collars aren’t enough in Sydney, we mark the underclass by making them wear incredibly bright orange, yellow, or green vests, and claim it’s for safety).   By 1 PM everything was unloaded in our new place in Darlinghurst.  We had been “removaled”.

A quick comparison of our old place versus new:

  • Neighborhood:
    • Old = Pretentious dress shops and pretentious people.  On the positive, super close to cricket / AFL / rugby stadiums.
    • New = 5 cheap places to eat within 1 block.  Much more interesting people watching.  Right next to central Sydney.
  • Structure
    • Old = Circa 1800s and never repaired. Wind blows through the house like we were the first little pig.  Kitchen requires using flint and steel.
    • New = Spacious modern warehouse conversion.  Fits the Rollins m.0.2.a.t.
  • Loo:
    • Old = Leave the lights off and shower in the dark, because turning the light on turns a fan on that sucks cold air from the outside and blows it into the shower.
    • New = Bathtub.  Bathtubs make Lisa happy.  Lisa happy means Bryan happy.  Bathtub.
  • Outdoors
    • Old = Small tiled patio that pulls in all the leaves across five blocks to create a super-marsh.
    • New = Two quiet secluded gardens accessed only through our place.
  • Living room
    • Old = When ‘The Todd’ (character on Scrubs) needed a high-five, I was so close to the TV I could grant his wish.
    • New = Space.  Ah.
  • Other
    • Old = Mold.  Bad Owners.  No light fixtures (very common in Sydney even in a nice apartment to have swinging light bulbs).
    • New = Garage (for our push-bikes) with remote control.
I could go on forever.  Gist is that life in Sydney just got a whole lot better (which also means we’re paying through the nose for it!!!)

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