It’s time for Grovember

Right on the night of Halloween here in Sydney, I’m announcing something even more chilling: BJR is growing a moustache.
BJR Grows a MoMight Mo

That’s right, I’ve decided to jump in on Grovember, a month of fundraising to support Men’s Health.

My dad passed away over 10 years ago, due to prostate cancer, so this issue is very personal for me.   My dad also never had a moustache in my memory, except after he retired.  He grew one out, and with the silver, gray, and black mix of hairs, it looked like he had a caterpillar on his lip as seen through a 1960’s television set.   My mo will likely be much patchier, with bits of red, blonde, and brown.  Yes, I care about this cause that much to look like that.

What can you do?

1. If you’re in Australia, my fundraising page is here!  If you’re in the US, please donate to my friend Brian’s page, so you won’t be charged foreign credit card processing fees (I’ll be notified of your donation). I’d love your support.  Since I’m not doing an Ironman or a bike ride this year, this is the only time in 2011 you’ll hear from me on a fundraising mission, so I would really appreciate your support.  My page features the only other time I’ve had a moustache (and you can probably tell it’s a fake).

2. If you’re 40, talk to your doctor about a PSA test or ask about the right thing to do for early detection.  Vic (whose awesome wedding I just attended in LA) and I have a pact where we make sure the other person gets checked once a year.  My dad would have had a better chance with early detection.  Don’t wait on this.  Every time I bring Lisa home to meet my family, I wish my dad could have met her.

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