Mogress Day 7

My decision to join Grovember (our company’s version of Movember) seemed harmless at the time.  But already, there is a darkening of my upper lip, and Lisa has stopped kissing me (just yesterday, not years ago as many of you have recommended).

And yet, the cause is great, and the reward is having pictures of me that look ridiculous.  It’s only Day 7, and you can just see the signs of the mo’.

Bryan, Bryan, quite the fine-man, how will this mo grow?    There are so many possibilities:


This is your chance to give something that won’t require major surgery or the walk of shame to return your specimen.

For my mates in the states, please donate to my friend Brian’s profile (will avoid any potential currency conversion fees, and I’ll still be notified!)

For my home-wallabies in Australia, please donate to my profile.

One thought on “Mogress Day 7

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