Mo’tastrophe – Day 18

Grovember / Movember / BJRvember marches on, and my mo’ looks worse every day.

I was clearly not born to grow one of these things.  The cause is great, and I’m really happy to be a part of this team effort at the company – just walking through the office and seeing all the mo’s is awesome – it makes you proud that so many people are a part of the effort.  My mo’ simply shows that I’ve evolved faster than my colleagues, as my genes longer require facial hair above my lip to keep me warm in the cave after hunting brontosaurs all day.

What does it look like?

  1. Whiskers, not hair – my upper lip looks more like a trimmed cat’s face that a rich soft mo’
  2. Growing in waves – the first week, all the hair that grew out was black.  Over the last two weeks, blond hair has dominated, so that at a distance, you see patchy sections of small black hair, and then as you get close, you notice these white blonde hairs jutting out at all angles.  It’s not a pretty sight.  Each time I catch myself in a mirror, it scares me.
  3. Missing hair follicles – apparently I don’t have hair follicles in several places above my lip.  I don’t know, if like my legs, my hair never grew back after chemo, or if I was born without these follicles, or if Lisa pulled them out one night while I was sleeping.

Yes, this is really it after 18 days

Support the cause!

If you’ve asked me about my mo’ and haven’t donated, now is the time!  I am suffering for your amusement, so open up your wallets.  You know who you are!!  If not for me, for Lisa.  Don’t let her daily embarrassment and suffering go without supporting a good cause!

Live in the U.S.?  Avoid currency conversion fees – my mo-gifted friend Brian in the states has agreed to let me use his donation page.

Live in Australia?  Donate here!

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