6 Races in 6 months?

In 2010, counting running, triathlon, cycling events, I probably hit 10 events over the course of the year, and probably could have done more.  In the last 12 months, I have done a whopping 2.  Poor showing.  Poor!

In following one theory of happiness that less choice can often make you happier, I have decide to stop pursuing the following goals: home life, social life, charitable causes, family life, movies, art, my pocket watch collection, making new friends, removing old friends, and finding pants that fit.   For the next six months, my life will be:


Already in its second week, this 2-D approach has huge benefits.   Just worked a 13 hour day?  Well, if you’d gone home 5 hours ago, you’d have nothing to do but run.  Upset that you’re working too much?  Get up from your desk and put your shoes on.  Running doesn’t need company, equipment, good weather, a reservation, or connections.  Running doesn’t get upset when you don’t call.  Running doesn’t care about your mental issues.  Running doesn’t see alcohol as the only thing to do on holidays.  Running doesn’t care if you get up early, in fact, running is really happy when you do, and waits for you at the door.

Running just delivers the clear signal that it cares: Pain.  Oh, and lots of endorphins.  And rock hard calf muscles (yes, I can delude myself).

But running alone won’t drive me, so I’ve signed up for six races (or at least all that have started allowing registration) in the next six months.  Originally I was shooting for 5 half-marathons in 5 months, but one race was a tad short and I found another weird race I wanted to do.  So here’s the lineup:

Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon

While I’d normally take 2 months to train for a half-marathon, I’m doing it in under six weeks.  This weekend’s Saturday morning run (15K) was slow but successful.  I’d like to stay under 1:55 since I did 1:50 in November, but I will not have enough weeks to ramp both the speed and distance work without taking a huge chance at screwing my knee back up.

Tough Bloke Challenge

One of my colleagues at work suggested this, and I’m really excited.   It’s only 6K, but it’s a brutal obstacle course with mud, fences, walls, and everything I am incapable of handling.  Bring it on.

Wine Running festival (Hunter Valley)

I have no real idea about what this course is like.  It probably has hills

City to Surf (registration opens late May)

I registered for this race last year and got a nasty flu bug and couldn’t breathe by the time I went to be the night before.  I woke up the next morning in a daze an hour after my start time (not that I would have made it had I woken up).

Sydney Running festival

  • Half-marathon
  • Sept 16, 2012
  • Run across the Sydney Harbour bridge, around all the cool Sydney sites.
There is a full marathon as a part of the festival (in fact, it’s the Sydney Marathon), but I’m not sure I want to run one outside of an Ironman.

Central Coast Half Marathon

I ran a 1:50 here last year, and I’d like to drop at least 5 minutes off my time, especially if I’m focusing on running.  Could I run a 1:40?

If this all works out, and I find a way to cheat on running enough to get back into swim shape, maybe there’s even a triathlon in it for me in 2012.

As a side note, the formatting of this post looks awful.  But formatting is neither work nor running.  Hmm, but neither is blogging.  Actually, blogging about running will be counted as running.

4 thoughts on “6 Races in 6 months?

  1. “The meat and the cheese are good, but the bun is neither meat nor cheese.”
    –The Meat and Cheese Lovers of America

    Congratulations on entering your two-dimensional world.

      • I’ve never even seen it–I only know about it because you told me about it. But in my mind it is indeed one of the greatest commercials ever. Also, that’s what best friends are for–to catch obscure references that nobody else gets. Yeah.

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