Help BJR Raise $25,000 for Room to Read Cambodia

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It begins now!  Or, it began two weeks ago!

My Ironman campaign for Room to Read began two weeks ago, but my facebook cover photo updates grabbed all the attention and few people noticed the post about my fundraising campaign.  Note to self – change photo first, announce campaign second.

My campaign goal is to raise $25,000 for Room to Read.  This is my most ambitious personal fundraising project yet.  I’m infatuated with the Room to Read program, and especially the work they are doing in Cambodia.   Education and Organ Donation are the two causes I am passionate about.  My first Ironman was for Transplants for Children in San Antonio, Texas.   Now I’m focusing on education, specifically for a set of kids in Cambodia who need libraries, books, and access to basic education. And I’ll have the incredible chance to visit those kids in November this year!

All of my training, travel, and fundraising expenses are covered by me, so 100% of what you donate will go directly to Room to Read.   And I’ll personally be matching the first $10,000 donated.

This is all a part of my training for Ironman Melbourne, on March 23, 2014, a 1.9 km swim, a 180 km bike, and a 42.2 km run (a marathon).   This is my second Ironman, but first Ironman down under.

Contest #1: Dress BJR for a day

Our first fundraising contest is “Dress BJR for a day”.  For every $25 donated until the end of October, you get 1 chance to be the winner.

You pick what I wear to work for a day: 1) within a reasonable budget 2) work friendly.  Note that my work is very, very tolerant and there’s not much that would be a problem to wear to work.  At this point I wish they were more restrictive.  Some common decency (no Borat swimsuits, for my colleagues’ sake) and common sense are required here.

(Note those of you who have already donated are already entered into the contest)

Contest #2: BJR sings your praises

If you donate $500 or more, I’ll record a 5-minute YouTube video singing your praises (okay, not actually singing – no one wants that, though I’m open to special requests) and publish it.   This can come in handy when you’re in prison and need a virtual character reference.

Contest #3: Free round trip: US to Australia + Week at Casa de BJR

One of the top 10 overall donors will receive a round trip flight between Australia and the US, courtesy of BJR’s frequent flyer miles.   In addition, a week in the guest bedroom in my ocean side apartment in Manly Beach, NSW, Australia.    Once BJR crosses the finish line in March, the top 10 donors will be determined and the winner chosen at random.

Donate Now

I’d appreciate any help you can provide!


2 thoughts on “Help BJR Raise $25,000 for Room to Read Cambodia

  1. Bryan, I think it is wonderful that you are putting the emphasis on education for Cambodian Children. I’m anxious for you to see the booklet I have of those children that sang here. We’ll talk about my small contribution to your great cause when you are here.

    My, you are so dedicated in your training. How many people have you helped pack up to move? There was a sign on a truck at Chez Elan that said, “Yes, it is my truck; and NO, I will not help you move”.

    I like the picture on this New Post so much that I hope we can enlarge it on my printer, and maybe you would like that one on my wall.

    I told Donna that come what may, I will be at the Thurs night dinner. I am so in hopes that the shot on the 1st will give me some relief. How anxious I am to see you! I love you so much, Mother On Sep 14, 2013, at 6:34 PM, BJR’s Ironman Melbourne for Room to Read wrote:

    > >

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