December Fundraising Contest: BJR becomes your Movie (or Theater) Star

We’re 2/3rds on our way to our goal of raising $25,000 for Room to Read Cambodia.   It’s high time I decided on the December contest, since December is almost over.   At dinner last night with Jill, Kyle, and Sarah, the decision was made.

October’s contest winner, Dan Heller, had BJR dress like a Cambodian woman for a day.

November’s winner, Daniel Stefanic, chose “silver fox” for BJR’s upcoming hair color (any day now).

For December’s contest, your reward will be:

angelinaBJR delivers your favorite 2 minutes from a movie

  1. You pick a 2 minute speech (not multiple characters, it needs to be a speech) from either a movie or a play
  2. BJR memorizes that speech
  3. You pick a place (who to deliver the speech to, or where the speech must be given)
  4. BJR then performs that speech in January
  5. BJR has a friend record the speech to prove it happened

Of course, there are always limits.   You can’t have BJR deliver a threatening speech to the prime minister of Australia.  You can’t pick a women’s restroom as the place.  You can’t pick hate speech, or a language that Bryan doesn’t speak (okay, actually I’ll allow it as long as I understand what I’m saying).  You don’t get to dress me up (if I decide a costume is warranted, then it’s my choice, but set your expectations low).  You can’t go full retard.  You can’t start a land war in Asia.  You can’t handle the truth.

I don’t expect many of you to know many good speeches from plays.  Yes, that’s what I think of you all.  I expect a good portion of you are probably thinking through your favorite Rob Schneider movies.  I’d strongly prefer Chevy Chase or Morgan Freeman.  But then again, it’s not my choice.

Just to get the creativity flowing, imagine having Bryan deliver the Samuel L. Jackson speech from Pulp Fiction in Martin Place (super busy pedestrian area in central Sydney) at Noon.   Now think of something about 100 times better because that’s not that interesting.

Note: anyone who has donated at least $25 to my campaign is eligible to win the drawing.  The more you donate, the higher your odds.  And there’s a lot that’s odd about this.   Get your donation in by December 31st.

Also Note: the photo of Angelina is included purely to distract you.

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