How to subscribe to my blog on medium

So I recently switched over to medium for my blog site.

Then I discovered you can’t easily subscribe by email, after a number of friends said ‘so how do I subscribe by email?’

I want to make sure that the 3 people who read my blog can continue to enjoy it and not have to work for it.

Since I’ve left facebook, you won’t get updates there when I post.


If you subscribed by email to this (wordpress) blog, you’re all set now.

I’ve imported the email addresses that were subscribed to this blog to the other blog list.

If you were not subscribed to my blog, and you’d like email each time I post, just sign up here:  (pretty catchy URL, I know!)

If you don’t ever want email from my blog again

What? Why would you even think this. You’re missing out on incredibly journalism and insight from one of the universe’s leading writers focused on me.

(There’s an unsubscribe link in the emails. Use that.)

The inside scoop if you care:

Medium has taken the social aspect of its service too far, and a basic feature like this is missing, so I did some research on a host of other blogging platforms: Ghost, Blogger, Tumblr – none of them had the editing and publishing experience I was looking for, that would encourage me to write more. (Tinybeans was pretty close, but it’s mostly a newsletter/mailing list, and didn’t quite suit my needs.)

So, I followed the instructions from a blog I found, and hey, email for my blog now exists. You’re welcome.

Last blog

I swear this is the last one.

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