Big prize 1: Round Trip US/Australia


One of the top 10 overall donors will travel round trip between Australia and the US (or equivalent trip), courtesy of BJR’s frequent flyer miles.   In addition, a week in the guest bedroom in my apartment in Manly Beach, NSW, Australia.  Once BJR crosses the finish line in June, the top 10 donors will be determined and the winner chosen at random.

Note: We failed to give this gift out after BJR broke his leg last time. This time, no breaks, and someone wins a round trip flight.

Big prize 2: One ring to rule them

ringNic Marshall, one of my mates on the Warringah Triathlon club, crafts a gorgeous collection of jewelry at Nic Marshall Jeweller, here in Sydney. He’s generously offered this ring, with one word of your choice, engraved on the ring. After Ironman Cairns, we’ll pick one donor at random to win this personalized treasure. Thanks to Nic for such a great donation!

A contest every month

calendar-dec-2015.pngStarting in December 2015, we’ll have a drawing for a prize every month.   The contest and prize for each month is announced at the end of each month.

December – BJR Sings your praises

over thereFor December, the contest was “BJR sings your praises, and John Lilly and Kathy Howe won! John and Kathy have been incredible friends and phenomenal supporters of BJR throughout the drama called life, and there’s no better winner. BJR created a 7 minute musical video in their honor, and delivered in on John’s birthday! Unclear if hearing BJR sing is really a present.

January – Pick BJR’s poison


In January, you get to pick from a few different prize options. So much to choose from:

  1. Make BJR sell something in Martin place (very public square with lots of people walking through) for 15 minutes at lunch
  2. Make BJR play netball (he loathes this sport) in acid washed denim shorts
  3. Make BJR give a 5 minute speech in Martin place about the topic of your choice
  4. If you win, come up with your own idea. If BJR likes it (or doesn’t hate it too much), he’ll do it.

February – Choose BJR’ s hair color

Back by popular demand, last year Daniel Stephanic picked “Silver Fox” for BJR’s hair color, which quickly turned into Eminem yellow. Last year, only natural colors were allowed. This year, we’ll open it to the spectrum (green, purple, you name it).

Lots more goodies

Imagine what kind of contests BJR will run.  It won’t be ordinary. Have an idea? Send it to BJR.

Give Now

I’d appreciate any help you can provide!

give now

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